Memory Wire Bracelets

I thought it may be fun to see all my bracelets, including some that have been sold, so I created this page.
My thinking is that seeing these bracelets may be helpful if you would like a custom piece made.
Viewing If you are interested in a custom bracelet, please e-mail me at
3 Strand

Ruby Zoisite, Malachite, Russian  Amazonite, Matte Amethyst, Aventurine, lampwork, hand painted porcelian, vintage Swarovski, Aurora Borealis crystal & vintage heart charm

Bubble Gum
3 Strand

Matte rose quartz, handmade Indonesian bead, Howlite, dyed marble, handmade lampwork, glass cubes, crystal, Czech glass, glass hearts & vintage charms

Rose of Sharon
3 strand

Indian agate, purple jasper, hand painted porcelain,  Preciosa crystal,  cats eye, glass pearls, Czech glass

2 1/2 Strand

Citrine nugget, Citrine cubes, Yellow Volcano Quartz, glass over floral handmade lampwork, cats eye, Preciosia Aurora Boralis crystal, Czech crystal lentil beads, three sided Czech glass, copper 

​​Sand and Sea
2 1/2 Strand

Vintage lampwork, silver foiled glass, Czech glass, glass pearls, copper

Night and Day
3 Strand

Dyed marble,  lapis, yellow jade,  Chinese pearls, lampwork, Preciosa crystal, cats eye & Czech glass

Sea and Sky
​2 1/2  Strand

Vintage  lampwork, cathedral glass,
silver  foiled glass, glass pearls, Czech glass, copper
​Walking Away

​Lapis, sodalite, dyed marble, dyed turquoise stars, cloisonne , crystal, Czech glass, shoe charms