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I love color!  I’ve said it so many times it has become my mantra.  My enthusiasm for using color in unexpected ways is evident in all my work; be it jewelry, clothing, bags and, of course, my art. 
Most of my work is inspired by my Christian faith and my gratitude for having been blessed with the gift of creativity.  I’m not a “traditional” artist.  I cannot describe my work as realistic or abstract so I use the word, stylized.  It seems to fit best.  And within that description, you will find many different subjects and styles, ranging from sacred art to animals, nature, design and cartoon-like fun pieces. One thing you will always find is that my spirituality, in one way or another, inspires each piece.
 When painting on canvas, I prefer acrylics.  Drawings are usually colored pencil and marker on vellum but I sometimes add another medium.  My work, as you will see, is bold and expressive. 
Here, I’ll be offering signed and numbered laser prints in 8 ½ X 11.  Some pieces will also be offered as blank note cards in two sizes.
So, now that you know a little about my art, please come into the gallery to browse.  I hope you will like my work and that it will make its way onto a wall in your home.
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher~"